Shop our expert-curated CBD Bundles. Our knowledgeable team has carefully chosen the products for each Bundle to cover all your needs. Choose from our Tincture, Smokable, Topical or Full Body Healing Bundles and SAVE BIG!


USA Grown Organic Hemp
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Our products are made only from Organic Hemp grown in the USA.

Exceptional Customer Service
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Our Knowledgeable Team is always ready to assist with any questions at any time.

Extensive Third-Party Lab Testing
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Independent ISO-certified laboratories test all the products extensively.

Affordable Premium Quality Hemp
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We have focused on Premium Hemp Products which everyone can afford.


Why should I get a Bundle?

First of all, our Bundles will save you quite a bit of money. Why getting products separately and pay more, when you can bundle up and pay less? A bundle will enable you to try different CBD products that come in a package, and you might discover your new favorite. Getting a bundle will also save you a lot of time browsing the website and looking for the right products. Our experts did the job for you!

Can I substitute the products in a Bundle?

Our experts carefully build all our Bundles to suit all your needs. You can’t substitute the products in our standard bundles, but if you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact us via this form or chat with us live, and our team will make all the effort to help you. 

Can I take different CBD products together?

It is OK to take CBD products together, but you have to remember that they work at different speeds. Smokables and Tinctures have a faster effect, while Gummies will take longer, but the effect will also last longer.

Can I choose the Flavors in a Tincture Bundle?

You can choose the flavors for our "1500mg and 750mg CBD Bundle". The other Bundles come in four different flavors: Natural, Blueberry, Mint, and Strawberry. If you want to change any of them, contact us via this form, or chat with us live, and our team will help you.